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For more than 50 years Raychem have met and exceeded the needs of their global customer base, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction to create an industry name second to none.

With more than 300 patents to their name, Raychem help customers stay ahead of the game, meeting, exceeding and anticipating needs to ensure that Raychem customers stay at the top of their respective industries.

Offering a wide range of products and services for underfloor heating, fire and performance wiring, leak detection, sensing, de-icing and snow melting within the residential, industrial and commercial environments, Raychem can deliver the highest quality heat tracing systems found anywhere.

Raychem are more than industry leading products and services, the team are one of the most dedicated in the world, committed to making a difference not only for customer and industries but across the globe.  Whether challenging current thinking, innovating and developing or giving back to the global community Raychem is a name you can trust.

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For more than 25 years, TraceTek have been supplying unique liquid leak detection system into the computer industry.  Innovative and industry specific, TraceTek detects water leaks in computer facilities by monitoring hidden piping and valves under raised computer room floors and is able to locate a spill quickly, with sensor cables alerting alerting appropriate parties and helping to mitigate damage that can be caused by untreated leaks.

As well as their proven track record in the computer industry, TraceTek have more recently expanded their liquid leak detection systems to monitor hydrocarbon fuel leaks in tank farms, pipelines and hydrant systems, spill detection in semiconductor facilities and pharmaceutical plants and strong acid leak detection in oil refining, mineral processing and fertilizer manufacturing.  With accuracy of +/- 1 meter TraceTek is the choice for industry leaders across the globe.

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