Industrial Trace Heating

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Jointing Tech – Trace Heating Tech are market leaders in the Industrial Trace Heating environment.  With more than 25 years’ experience working on all types of projects large and small, from a complete design supply and Install project like Lee Tunnel. To designing a one of Thermostat and Power Box for over sea project.  we have a unique understanding into the logistical and product considerations needed to deliver your Industrial Trace Heating project on time and on budget.

As Raychem’s largest distributor in the U.K we are able to design and supply premium products for your needs including a full range of hazardous area cables, connections and control systems.

Industrial Trace Heating

Applications within the industrial sector that we have advised on and can help you with today include:

Frost protection – protection for pipes against low temperature which helps prevent excessive damage from bursts/leaks/ Damage to Process Plant.

Tank heating – tank heating systems are used specifically for freeze protection and for temperature maintenance of a specific Temperature of Fluids in storage tanks. The system’s responsibility is to maintain the temperature of the fluid to ensure that it does not freeze, crystalize or condense (depending on the type of fluid that is being managed). Tank heating can also be used to heat fluids to certain temperatures.

Process maintenance – we can work together on creating a system that will ensure fluids are kept at a certain temperature dependent on individual material needs or even over a broad range of temperatures (again dependent on fluid requirements).

Here at Jointing Tech – Trace Heating Tech we pride ourselves on being able to assist you with any project no matter what the size and industrial application– get in touch now for a free, no obligation quote from our industry leading experienced and knowledgeable staff.

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