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Underfloor Heating

When warmth and comfort matter

Electric underfloor heating is a simple, cost effective way to warm any room in your home or business.   Delivering evenly distributed heat in targeted areas, electric underfloor heating can be used throughout a property or alongside an existing system.

Jointing Tech – Trace Heating Tech are the U.Ks largest distributor of Raychem Trace Heating products and have more than 25 years’ experience in design, supply and fitting electrical underfloor systems on projects of all sizes and have built a solid reputation as the trusted name in underfloor heating.

Offering a free design and quotation service, we’re confident that we can assist with any underfloor heating requirement, no matter how big or small.

Using only the best components to guarantee top quality installations every time, our underfloor heating systems are quick to heat up and distribute heat evenly. Unlike the way your typical radiator heats up (using convection), underfloor heating is heated by radiant heat which is a far more even distribution and essentially heats the room from the ground upward. Radiant heat is also much less extreme than convection which makes for a more comfortable and controllable atmosphere.

Electric underfloor heating provides a wide range of environmental benefits that include:

  • Saves money: Due to its even heat distribution, electric underfloor heating provides a consistent heat level that can allow you to reduce your existing heat thermostat by as much as two degrees!
  • Allergy friendly: Because electric underfloor heating doesn’t cause air to move around your property, there’s less dust in the air to breathe in
  • More hygienic:  Wet floors dry quickly reducing the risk of mildew or mites.
  • Energy efficient: Trace Heating Tech uses premium quality Raychem underfloor heating systems which can be installed with an insulation layer, shortening heating ties and reducing energy needs.

We understand the importance of selecting the right company to work with when exploring your underfloor heating needs as there’s a lot to consider. However, our team of experts have come across all kinds of questions and will be more than happy to answer yours. Why not get in touch now for a no obligation chat?