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Water Leak Detection

Protecting Your Property – Saving You Money

Jointing Tech – Trace Heating Tech supply commercial and residential water detection systems designed and fitted to give you complete peace of mind

An often over-looked hazard to businesses and homes, water damage is a very serious issue and measures should be put in place to ensure it is as preventable as possible.  To support this, the team at Trace Heating Tech have a wide range of industry leading products that can be custom designed to fit every project and budget.

Properties with multiple floors are most at risk i.e. hotels, large retail premises and flats for the obvious reason of having more floors and therefore more surface area and water pipes etc.

With water damage being an extremely costly fix, more and more home and business owners are seeing the benefits of investing in suitable water detection equipment. At Jointing Tech – Trace Heating, we understand that the key to a suitable water detection system is to pinpoint the leak in the quickest time possible to minimize disruption and/or damage and that’s exactly why we only stock the very best quality water sensor equipment.

Our systems work by continuously monitoring areas that the water sensor cable runs through (no matter how big or small) – if even the smallest amount of water comes in contact with the water sensing cable, it would trigger the alarm module off to notify the appropriate persons.

We have a variety of systems that can be tailored to suit your project needs, why not get in touch now to see how we can protect your property.